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Are You Your Pet’s World?

Posted on August 7, 2016 by petslifeafteru

Do you have a pet in your home where you are the pet owner? An animal that is yours. A pet that follows you from room to room and meets you at the door every time you return home. A pet that shows you unconditional love.

You might live with others but that pet is actually yours? That cat sleeps with you at night and not others? That dog sits with you watching tv in the evening and not with other people in different rooms. In other words you are the world to that pet? Others live in the house with you but to that pet – you are their person.

If you never return to your home – where would the best place for that pet be to live? Would living with the people you live with right now be the actual best place for the pet to stay? Or do you know somewhere else that would be a better choice?

It is your responsibility as that pet’s owner to make sure your wishes are known and documented while you can. We do not know how long each of us will have and if you do not make your wishes know it will effect your pet’s future life. You owe that pet who hangs on your every move to make sure their future is taken care of to the best of your ability.


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