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Travel Plans for your pet’s future life..

Posted on September 18, 2016 by petslifeafteru

I meet a lot of people who say – yes they have plans for their pets.  Their sister in another state would be happy to take them if they can’t continue to keep them.  However, no actual plans have been developed to get their pet from their current state to a new state.  So this plan is not complete.
Plans for your pet needs to be thought out and complete.  Who gets your pet and how do they get to their new home.  You need to have a plan on getting your 100# dog from Indiana to Minnesota.  This is the information that you have to think through and document.   (Just Googled moving pets and there are companies that will move pets from one state to another state).  Do your homework and make sure you have proper paperwork for this stage so there will be no hold ups on actually having your pet delivered to the future forever homes.
Well thought out plans take time – but you are talking about your pets future life.  You are selective on what food your pet eats you should be just as selective on where your pet will spend their future life with.  Do your homework!


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