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You the Cat’s Owner?

Posted on October 12, 2016 by petslifeafteru

Are you the actual Cat’s owner in your home? You take care of the cat? You say hi to the cat when you walk in the door and bye when you leave the house?

Even if you and your spouse live with the cat – are you the real care giver? Does the cat depend on you more than your spouse? Cat follows you around? Communicates with you more or just likes to be in the same room you are in at that time?

Let’s look forward to a maybe one day if you are not in the picture. Sure the cat would be okay for a while. But if the person you are living with is not a true cat person what will happen to your little friend?

Maybe just maybe you know someone else that would be able to meet your cat’s needs better? If so have you told the person you living with and the person who you want to have your cat? Don’t surprise them on this subject – let them know your feelings and get them written down.

We are never guaranteed how many days we have and we need to have plans for our animals. After all we are our pets’ Whole World! We need to make sure people we live with know our feelings on this subject while we can still leave this information.

You need to write out where you want your pet to end up when your chapter in your cat’s live if over. You are selective on what you feed your cat, don’t you think you should be just as selective on your cat’s future life?

Write out your cat’s future life before it is too late. And just telling someone is not enough. You need to write your instructions out so if this time comes up YOUR ideas will be clearly expressed. Your Cat’s future depends on your taking a few minutes to put this in writing. 





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