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Change over time has to happen!

You live with animals for years and you feel you are an expert?  Talking from personal experience I know how I raise my dogs over the years has really changed.

I have had dogs in my life for over 40 years and how I feed them and train them has changed greatly.  I believe these changes are for the better.  Based on more current methods that have developed or I have been made aware of over this time.

For example before the latest dog that I, they always had chokers on them.  I didn’t like them but dogs got use to wearing them and I could choke dogs into doing what I wanted them to do.  Just a quick snap of the choke chain – as the trainers directed all the time and the dog would sit or do what every I told them to do.

My latest dog  – who is far from perfect has never had a choke collar on.  People I live with don’t agree with my newest training and sometimes we have disagreements on this subject.  It would be easy to put one on him but based on the latest training I have seen both in person and on the internet I do not feel comfortable doing this type of training now.  I am all about Positive Reinforcement.

My problem is I need to be trained further to help give my current youngest dog a good life.  I have to go out and get further understanding and education to help give this dog a full life.

Personally I do not want to reduce the living area of my dog to fit his life into a really small box.  So I have to get help and change how I raise him in this world.  Being his owner for his life (I will not give up on a pet I purchase)  I need to train him using these current methods so we can go out in public even if it is at night and enjoy a walking outside our small back yard.

Things change over time and being an animal owner means you have a responsibility to change how you raise animals that come into your life.  You cannot continue to raise animals like you did 15 years ago and be happy.  Change is hard especially when you have  to change.  But for the better health and happiness of your pets – we need to change and learn from newer methods that you become aware of over your pet’s lifetime.


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